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The update

Did the bills. OH brings me food while I am doing them. *smile* I forgot to go to dog training class. *thwaps the internal memory processor*

Mostly finished moving everything to the new G4 computer. Listened to some of Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe's Gold on tape while doing the transfer and putting "The Box" of organic produce away. Now I am converting a pile of CDs to MP3: Loreena McKennitt's The Mask and the Mirror, Deep in the Heart of Tuva: Cowboy Music from the Wild East, Mitsuko Uchida's Mozart: 4 Piano Sonatas.

Selkie is pretty much back to normal, thank goodness. Thanks to all of you who sent her and her poor primate-mom good wishes.

I signed up for the Women Living Large conference in Seattle the first weekend in November. Hope I'll get to see some of the Seattle LJers / alt.polyites while I am there.

My lampworking class that was to be this weekend was canceled because not enough people signed up. *POUT*

Between that and OH's having surgery (not cochlear implant surgery, another bit of surgery) next week, I'm feeling like I'm not going to have much fun for my upcoming birthday. So I need to figure out something fun to do.

Saw Oc. She helped me do some clean-up in my room. All the framed Society for Technical Communication award certificates from my years writing technical docs for the fruit company are separated from their frames and reading for filing, and the frames are empty and ready for collages to be created and put in them.

I feel pressured to fix Oc's many practical problems. (I don't think she is consciously putting pressure on me, but...we have a button mismatch in this area, or perhaps it is matches-too-good.) I feel awkward about our interactions right now because of this.

Went to the shelter and took kitty pix. The shelter web site has been down for at least 24 hours but you can still see the kitties at Petfinder or Petshelter, both of which are worth checking out on their own.

The shelter is a depressing place to be right now. Almost all the cat kennels are full and a lot of cats are sick.

I wore a scarf on Monday as part of Scarves for Solidarity. I can't say I felt very good about it. I felt conspicuous, uncomfortable, paranoid. That was instructive of how people who wear the scarves all the time feel right now, I'm sure, but there was also the extra dollop of wasp-guilt thrown in -- "I'm just playing at this, I could take it off any time, so it doesn't count."

I had an easy visit to the endocrinologist. She basically looked at my labs and said "Good job, see you in 3 months." Different from OH's GP, who during OH's appointment, not mine, began hassling me about needing to be on more / different meds.

I finished my bracelet, sorted a lot of beads, fixed a bunch of earrings, and made a necklace while watching the Detroit Lions get walloped on Monday Night Football, and after that watching a tape of the Eukanuba Tournament of Champions dog show.

Making this stuff is a very big deal for me; my artistic urges are so few and far between, and usually result in a pile of something halfdone instead of something finished. My wire bending technique needs a lot of work, but other than that I think the necklace is quite pretty.

I went to the San Carlos Art & Wine Faire with my Dad. I saw a lot of pretty things but nothing wanted to go home with me, thank goodness.

Saturday A snafu day. Background: my sweetie N and OH had a falling out and haven't seen each other in several years. They both ended up here at the same time because of a communication mishap on the part of N's other sweetie. I don't know how N felt about it but I was a complete wreck for the rest of the day, even though everyone was very civil.

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