Stef (firecat) wrote,

A combined music meme + guessing contest

There's a meme going around of one song from your music library whose title starts with a letter of your screen name.

My twist is that instead of posting the song titles I have posted a lyric from each song, and I've scrambled the order of the titles.

Your mission is to guess the title and artist for each. If you are the first to guess correctly, I edit the post to add the title and artist and your LJ name, and put the song in the correct order.

Darned if I can tell whether these will be easy or hard (I think at least one or two are easy).

Fearless, Pink Floyd (windsea)
"And as I rise above the treeline and the clouds / I look down, hear the sound of the things you said today"

I Love the Nightlife, Alicia Bridges (sistercoyote)
"Please don't talk about love tonight. / Your sweet talking won't make it right."

Rainy Night House, Joni Mitchell (roadnotes)
"You sat up all the night and watched me / To see who in the world I might be"

Ever Fallen in Love With Someone, Buzzcocks (djm4)
"We won't be together much longer / Unless we realize that we are the same"

Constant Craving, K. D. Lang (sistercoyote, also roadnotes 2 minutes later)
"Maybe it is life itself that feeds wisdom to its youth"

"It hurts to say / I can't grab a sense of how to get it to turn and spin"
As Soon As I Find My Shoes I'm Gone," by Ferron. (No guesses)

"His hand is on my back when I step from the sidewalk / Or when I'm walking down these darkened halls"
Thin Man, by Suzanne Vega. (No guesses)
Tags: memesheepage, music

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