Stef (firecat) wrote,

Easy 'lace'

After struggling with the Knitty Branching Out pattern I craved an easy project. I recently picked up Unexpected Knitting by Debbie New and it has a chapter on "scribble lace," which is basically knitting with a thick yarn and a thread on large needles. It produces an open fabric in which the stitches of thick yarn stand out.

A while back an LJ friend gave me some Gedifra Byzanz yarn and it seemed perfect for this project.

I started by knitting a scarf widthwise (10-15 stitches per row) in stockinette according to instructions in Unexpected Knitting—3 rows thread, 1 row yarn. Then I discovered a third ball of Byzanz in my stash. I picked up stitches along the long edge and knit using 1 row yarn and 5 rows thread in garter stitch. I finished some parts with crochet edging.

The photos don't show the beauty of the Byzanz yarn or the range of colors. It's two unplied strands sewn together in the center with a metallic thread. this gives a better idea.

Tags: i made this!, knitting
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