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The sex survey via feline and others

1.Where did you have sex the first time ever?
My basement room in my parents' house

2. Who was it with?
My high school boyfriend

3. Did you like them a lot?

4. Do you now?
I remember him fondly and I should get in touch with him.

5. Do you like having sex with girls or boys more?
No, they aren't comparable.

6. Which sex do you find the most attractive?
I don't think X and Y chromosomes are attractive, but assuming you mean "gender," I lean toward women who are slightly androgynous in some manner.

7. What is your favorite position?

8. Do you talk dirty/like others to talk dirty to you?
I like them to talk dirty to me, but I am not very verbal when aroused, so I tend not to reciprocate.

9. Weirdest place you have ever had sex?
At a radio station while we were DJ'ing.

10. Weirdest person you have ever had sex with?
All of the people I have had sex with have been pretty weird. I'm not attracted to a person until I find something weird about them to appreciate, and non-weird people are almost never attracted to me, either.

11. Ever had an STD?

12. Form of contraception that makes you happiest?
"Happy" isn't a word I associate with contraception methods. I use condoms these days.

13. Do you have fantasies about old men/women?
I've had a lot of lovers who were older than me by up to 20 years, but "old" as in "aged" wasn't part of the turn-on. "Old" as in "having qualities associated with maturity, such as calmness, patience, and appreciating youth" was sometimes a turn-on.

14. Is sex=love true for you or not?
Not. But for me sex tends to influence love, and make it more likely to take root if the circumstances are right at all. And vice versa.

15. Do you like to role play?
I sometimes become animal during sex, but it's not a role play, and I don't like other kinds of role playing.

16. What really turns you off?
Lack of respect

17. What really turns you on?
Fur, the "right" smell, passionate kissing, hair pulling, bites on the neck

18. Favorite place to have sex?
My bed. Sorry not to have a more exotic answer...

19. How many sexual partners have you had?
The last time I counted, using a somewhat loose definition of "sex," it came to about 40.

20. How many of them are/were good friends?
Most of them were at the time we had sex. Right now, 5 (which is also the number of partners I have). I don't tend to stay friends with exes, sometimes because of unpleasant breakups, more often because we don't run in the same social circles.

21. Ever slept with your best friend's sexual partner?
Not that I recall but I have wished to a few times.

24. Ever had phone sex?
Yes. I don't like it much (see above about being nonverbal when aroused).

25. Ever met someone from the Internet with the express purpose of fucking them?

26. Did you actually end up doing it?

27. Do you own any sex toys?

28. Ever been to a strip club?
No, I keep meaning to but never getting around to it.

29. Or a massage parlour?

30. Have you had sex while you were tied up?

31. Have you had sex while someone else was tied up?

32. Done that 'sex with foods' thing?
Every once in a while. It doesn't do much for me.

33. Best song to have sex to?

34. Favorite part of sex?
The relaxation after orgasm. I can only come if I am with someone I trust a lot, so this is always quite pleasant.

35. Do you like flavored or plain condoms?
Haven't ever tried the flavored. Plain unlubricated ones were fine for going down on, for the few times I've done that.

36. Fish or chicken?

37. What's the best sort of sex?
I admit to being a philistine and liking sex that rapidly progresses to penetration and is deliberately goal-oriented. Other kinds of sex are very enjoyable too.

38. How many pornographic movies have you seen in your entire life?
Dunno, a couple dozen?

39. Do you have a favorite?
My OH and I are partial to one called Cat & Mouse. I personally like one scene in a particular BDSM sampler whose title I've forgotten. It's a guaranteed 2-minute orgasm, and being on antidepressants, that matters a lot to me.

40. How about a favorite porn star?
I find Ron Jeremy amusing. I also like the female star of Cat & Mouse but I forgot her name.

41. Have you been into a sex shop before?

42. Did you buy anything?
Yes, I spend embarrassingly large amounts of money at Good Vibrations.

43. Do they know you by name?

44. Do they know you as "that weird one with the chicken leg fetish"?

45. Does the thought of ones' parents having sex repulse you?
No. Not that I think about it much.

46. Ever get depressed because your dog is getting laid more than you?
I live in a county that has spay-neuter laws, and I don't have a dog, and dogs don't lie down to have sex anyway.

47. Do you fantasize about celebrities? Who?
Sometimes, but I am too embarrassed about it to tell you whom.

48. Complete the sentence: I want ___ . get my interest in sex back again. It more or less went away when "E" dumped me this summer and every time I have started getting it back, some other depressing thing has happened and it's gone away again.
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