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I feel a bit more ajar.

OH and I went to a matinee of Iron Monkey, which was made in 1993 by some of the same people who were involved in making Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. OH thought it was a lot better than CTHD. I mostly thought it was different, more of a traditional martial arts flick, whereas CTHD's strength was in managing more or less successfully to be both a martial arts flick and a "chick flick."

Iron Monkey was preceded by a very long preview for Lord of the Rings. OH hates spoilers so he covered his eyes and turned off his hearing aid. I was glad to see glimpses of it so I could get over my snarky thoughts about the way various characters looked before I see the actual movie. (I only had two snarky thoughts, which means they are doing pretty well, so far.)

OH is having minor surgery tomorrow (not related to the cochlea). My folks got us food again, and I bought a lot of treats for the invalid and the caretaker at Trader Joe's.

Have I mentioned how much I love my pre birthday present? I love being able to leave 10 big applications open at once and have small apps open within a couple of seconds.

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