Stef (firecat) wrote,

Monterey trip-Clarion hotel

I just posted this review of the Clarion Garden Inn in Monterey to TripAdvisor:
I picked this hotel for a stay during the Monterey County Fair week because it wasn't terribly expensive, it had a pool (which I ended up not seemed very popular with families though), and it had a room with a two-person jacuzzi tub.

The tub was VERY nice - many large tubs make a lot of noise when being filled but this one was so quiet I could take a bath any time of night without waking guests in other rooms.

However, other than the tub the room wasn't the nicest. Because of its location on the property it was dark with no cross-breeze or view. There was no easy chair, just two uncomfortable dining-room-chair type armchairs. The electrical outlets in the room were hard to find - I had to move several items of furniture to reach them. The advertised wireless Internet did not work in this room. The wired Internet did, but it was slightly inconvenient not to be able to move my laptop to the bed.

The rest was OK. The room had a microwave, fridge, and coffee maker that were all in working order (although I had to move furniture to plug in the coffee maker). You could use your own coffee in the coffee maker (unlike at some motels). The bed was comfortable. The TV offered a good selection of channels. The free continental breakfast was adequate.

One rather curious/amusing thing - the bed was almost completely full of pillows, both utilitarian and decorative; there were at least a dozen. I'm always happy to find a bed with an adequate number of pillows, but when the time came to sleep, there really wasn't any convenient placed to put the unneeded pillows. I recommend the room to anyone wanting to have a pillow fight with some friends.
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