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UFO = "unfinished object"

Interweave Press has a fun blog/newsletter called Knitting Daily. The past few days they have been talking about UFOs. Many folks seem to be buying into the assumption that UFOs are bad and you should have only one project at a time. Here's the comment I posted:

I've realized I have a multitude of different knitting desires. This means I need multiple projects going at once. So my seven or eight unfinished OTN projects aren't UFOs so much as multiple WIPs (works in progress).

I desire: (1) variety (so I allow myself to start new projects before finishing old ones, if they are different); (2) some easy *small* knitting that I can take with me to doctor's offices, on planes, etc.; (3) some easy knitting that I can do while watching movies at home (doesn't have to be small); (4) to learn new techniques; (5) to work with delicious yarn; (6) to make clothes that fit me; (7) stashbusting; (8) to practice my design skills; (9) to experience the delight of wearing home-made socks (I've only got 3 pairs so far, I need at least 14 in order to be able to wear home-made socks every day!); (10) to make practical things (hats, shawls that will keep me warm when my cat insists on having the window open in winter).

Of course one project can and usually does meet multiple desires, but no one project can meet *all* those desires. Hence, multiple projects are necessary!

One task for today is to look through my stitch dictionaries to find a colorwork pattern suitable for a band of my new sweater.
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