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LJ friends meme

LJ friends meme
ganked from everybody

Number of journal entries: 1,925

Number of people individual journals on your friends list: 329 (some are alternative identity/sex/writing journals, etc.)

Person who introduced you to LJ: insomnia wrote to me in Feb 2001 in my capacity as webmaster and told me about the polyamory community. I went to look, and was mad at alt.poly at the time, so I decided to start a LiveJournal. (The initial journal I started no longer exists; I started this one a few weeks later.)

Still friends with this person: Never was friends with him. I met him once.

How many people have you introduced to LJ: A few

List everyone on your friends list whom you have met in person: This won't be a complete list because I have trouble keeping people's names and user names straight. Apologies in advance to those I missed (corrections welcome):
05_silvermaple, abostick59, ag_unicorn, alexanderjasper, annaoj, annburlingham, auntysocial, baratron, basketcaselady, baxil, bcholmes, beaq, blackfyr, boxofdelights, brian1789, brooksmoses, cappyhead, caprine, carlie54, carol_kitty, cassidyrose, cattitude, chaoswolf, charlesks, cheshyre, chickenwitch, chriso, cjsmith, clawfoot, crazed_lynn, curiousangel, cyan_blue, cynthia1960, daltong, dancing_star, dandelion_diva, deyo, djm4, dragon3, dragonnette, eeyore_grrl, elisem, elissaann, elynne, epi_lj, eveningstartwo, fattest, figmo, flower_cat, futabachan, gconnor, gloriajn, gramina, greenfizzpops, gregbo, gridlore, hfnuala, hobbitbabe, iceblink, imnotandrei, janetmiles, jb98, jillzilla, jinian, jodawi, joedecker, johno, jonsinger, jwermont, kalikanzeros, kalmn, karenkay, kateo, keryx, kightp, kiyowaramiyuki, klwalton, kshandra, kwamee, kyubi, ladythmpr, laurenhat, lcohen, leandra333, leback, lenniersd, lissamc, liveavatar, lizw, ljgeoff, lnc, loracs, lysana, mac_arthur_park, mackenzie, magn0lia, marea93, marilynwann, marykaykare, mouseman, nancylebov, necturus, nellorat, nex0s, nolly, okoshun, opalmirror, opus119, pameladean, papabearnz, patgreene, patgund, penngwyn, pleonastic, porcinea, punkmom, pyrzqxgl, queensheba, quietshell, red_frog, redbird, rivka, rmjwell, rowanf, ruth_lawrence, sebab, selki, serenejournal, sev_and_baby, sevoo, sinboy, slfisher, snippy, sogwife, someotherguy, stonebender, submarine_bells, sugabrown, supergee, surelars, susanstinson, suzimoses, tangleweeds, tedesson, textivore, the_maenad, the_ogre, the_siobhan, tiger_spot, tmcm, treacle_well, vito_excalibur, vixter, wandra, waterowl, wcg, webmaven, weirdodragoncat, wild_irises, womzilla, wordweaverlynn, xiphias, zahraa, zebraartist, zpdiduda, zyxwvut

TOTAL # OF LJ-ERS MET: A fair number

5 people on LiveJournal that you have known the longest: tangleweeds I met in high school. I met gregbo and webmaven when I still lived in San Francisco. I met a bunch of people on in the early 90s including porcinea,crazed_lynn, debbiethedogged. I think I met cjsmith, carol_kitty, and opalmirror around the same time frame. I'm probably missing some people.

Anyone on LJ you can't stand: Plenty who "annoy" me; I don't know if "can't stand" applies to any of them.

Name one person on your friends list you would most like to meet: I have to pick just one? How about theycallmebeth.

Ever ban someone from commenting in your journal: One actual person, but I unbanned them later. And some spambots/trolls.

Number of comments: Posted: 18,562 - Received: 14,470

Biggest pet peeve about LJ: I wish interesting discussions didn't die out after a day. They've done a few things to encourage people to keep following discussions, but it's just not as good as Usenet in that regard.

Do you feel close to most of the people on your friends list: No, only some of them.

How many journals on LiveJournal do you have: I have this one, and selkiecat, a journal devoted to my cat who is no longer with me. I only posted to it once or twice but I can't bear to delete it. I have a couple of sock puppet/alternate identity journals I almost never use. I have a journal devoted to a character I sometimes write about.

Communities I currently own/maintain: _s_o_p_l_, a community devoted to skeery old poly ladies and our admirers. Unfortunately it doesn't get much activity.

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