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I think too much

Thoughts while eating a pear outside and looking at the sun, and further thoughts:

The sun gives life and the sun takes life away.
Life is balance. Too much or not enough of anything that life needs means that life stops.
This applies not only to physical life but also to other kinds of life, such as mental or emotional or spiritual life.
Any state is balance. If you take away what the state needs to be a state, what makes a state a state, it ceases to be that state and becomes something else.
Things are frequently changing and turning into other things.

Thoughts while using a fan to dry myself after a shower:

[This was inspired by something in the movie A Fistful of Dollars, which I watched last night: the undertaker he said something like "While I am alive I want to stay alive. When I am dead I will want to stay dead."]

Life is life and death is death. Dying is dying.
People are afraid of the transition between them. People struggle against the transitions.
I am now thinking about the state of life as a thing in its own right and the state of death as a thing in its own right.

I find that comforting.

There is also a lot in Neil Gaiman's American Gods (which I am listening to on tape) that ties in with the above.

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