Stef (firecat) wrote,

Rumi restaurant

There's a new restaurant in my home town named Rumi, and the OH and I went there last night as part of our tenth outlaw wedding anniversary (observed) celebration.

I am a little uncomfortable with the idea of a restaurant named Rumi, it seems a bit like naming a restaurant Martin Luther or St. Francis or possibly Shakespeare. (Google tells me there are restaurants named all those things. So much for my delicate sensibilities.)

The food is described as "Mediterranean & Western Silk Road." They claim to use "local and sustain-ably raised foods from northern and central California."

I had a really interesting vegetarian entree, described thus:
baked ricotta, farro, Bloomsdale spinach, baharat scented acorn squash, pinenut picada, balsamic huckleberries

The foods were sort of overlapped like dominos to encourage you to try them both separately and together. The ricotta, farro, acorn squash, and pinenut all worked together in various combinations, and the spinach, farro, ricotta, and huckleberry sauce worked together in various combinations.

The OH had a lamb skewer and "pumpkin spaetzle," which was really yummy. We finished off the meal with a Numi Flowering Tea—Sunset Oolong, which was pretty good. (I was kind of bummed that they had already steeped the tea a couple of minutes before they brought it to our table, so we didn't get to experience the "flowering.")

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