Stef (firecat) wrote,

Things I don't want but other people might, possibly #1 in a series

I have one of these:
The Artist and The Printer a portfolio of four prints by Josef Albers, Antonio Fransconi,Gabor Peterdi,Reginald Pollack set of four limited edition prints with an introduction by Una E. Johnson.This is number 713 out of 1200. This set of Josef Albers prints were published in 1965 for the Delegates of the XVll Congress of the International Publishers Association in Washington,D. C. June 1965. Each print measures 14 by 17 inches. All original with dust cover and catalog.
Mine is number 990 out of 1200 and it also comes with a letter to the delegates and a letter to me explaining why I have it. (It was a gift from Yale University Press, where I used to work.) The outer cover is not in the greatest condition but everything inside it is in excellent condition.

I don't want this any more, but because it seems like it might be valuable to someone, I don't want to just freecycle it or throw it out. I don't care about getting a lot of money for it, I'd just like it to go to someone who might appreciate it.

If you had something like this you wanted to get rid of, what would you do?
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