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1. Did you date someone from your school?

2. Did you win anything in Seniors Who's Who?
Nope. An acquaintance told me that she voted for me and my BF as "cutest couple."

3. What kind of car did you drive?
My senior year, I drove an [elided, because it is frequently a security question]. The other years I rode my bike to school.

4. It's Friday night...where are you?
Hanging out with my girlfriends or (senior year) with my bf.

5. Were you a party animal?
Not so much

6. Were you considered a flirt?

7. Were you in band, orchestra, or choir?
"Jazz ensemble," which was really a rock band, seeing as how the guitarist knew how to play Freebird and Stairway to Heaven and not much else. I also played bass guitar in the school musicals.

8. Were you a nerd?
Not really, I was in the artsy-crazy crowd.

9. Did you get suspended/expelled?

10. Can you sing the fight song?

11. Who were your favorite teachers?
Mr Linder (English), Miss Ferguson (Latin). Miss Ferguson shows up in some of Jeff Eugenides' novels (Middlesex, The Virgin Suicides).

12. Where did you sit during lunch?
Lunchroom, usually facing the door

13. What was your school's full name?

14. School mascot?
Knight. There was a suit of armor in the lobby.

15. Homecoming court?

16. If you could go back and do it again, would you?
I liked some things about it. But I had a pretty messed-up brain.

17. What do you remember most about graduation?
I vaguely remember the valedictorian's speech. Less than a decade later he entered the Peace Corps and died of malaria.

18. Where did you go senior skip day?
I don't remember if there even was a senior skip day; I don't remember if I participated; and if I did, I don't remember where I/we went.

19. Have you gained some weight since then?
Lots. I and everyone else thought I was fat in high school, but when I look back on photos of myself, I wasn't. Now I am.

20. Who was your Senior prom date?
My bf and I didn't go.

21. Are you planning on going to your 10-year reunion?
That was over 15 years ago and I didn't go.

22. Who was your home room teacher?
I don't remember having home room in high school. If we did, the teacher varied from year to year.

23. Who will repost?
Don't know or really care.

24. Did you play any sports?
Basketball, softball. I had some talent at softball (mainly in hitting the ball farther than it looked like I could).

25. Do you still talk to people from school?
I'm mostly out of touch with all of them.

26. What year did you graduate?
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