Stef (firecat) wrote,

Broadband withdrawl

Our DSL is down again and the way Speakeasy is handling our service ticket, it looks like we won't have broadband again for quite some time.

They are now claiming there's a problem with our modem...but last week the problem was on their end, and we are highly suspicious that it's suddenly our modem.

Anyway, they are sending us a "loaner modem," but they can't be bothered to send out loaner modems over the weekend, so we won't get it until Tuesday, and they aren't going to do any more troubleshooting on their end until then.

Last weekend when our DSL went down, they insisted that the OH contact them via phone support despite his telling them he is hearing impaired, and despite the fact that phoning them tied up the line they were trying to test. (They were quite verbose in insisting on this...the entire thing could have been dealt with multiple times over in the time it took them to e-mail him multiple times to explain why he had to phone in. And yes they were personalized e-mails.)

Then when we did phone them, they kept us on hold for over an hour and finally asked us one single question that we could have answered by e-mail and said "It's not our problem, it's Covad and the phone company, they'll work on it sometime Monday."
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