Stef (firecat) wrote,

Anteing up on the Boobie project

I was intending to give this idea the attention I thought it deserved (none) but so many folks on my flist are talking about it that I feel pressured to put in two cents.

(See how easy it is for some people to feel social pressure? No one is even standing over me asking me to wear a button or asking to feel my boobs. People are just writing about it.)


It's fun to break social rules when you're among friends and people you trust in a relatively safe space. Sounds like the original incident was like that, and that's great.

I object to the "Project" aspect of it. I don't want entire SF cons to become spaces where I feel pressured to walk around advertising my willingness, or lack thereof, to be felt up.

I have some more personal reactions that I may put into a flocked post.
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