Stef (firecat) wrote,

On hatred and happiness

"He abused me, attacked me, defeated me, robbed me."
For those carrying on like this, hatred does not end.
"She abused me, attacked me, defeated me, robbed me."
For those not carrying on like this, hatred ends.
Hatred never ends through hatred.
By non-hate alone does it end.
This is an ancient truth.

The Dhammapada, translated by Gil Fronsdal, August 2005
I basically feel really sad for people who walk around thinking that the majority of people they see are ugly, disgusting, or generally lacking in redeeming value.

As someone with a mental disorder that affects my social comfort, I have spent a lot of time walking around feeling pre-emptively judgemental of everyone else. To me, it feels horrible.

I'm so much happier when I'm walking around looking at people and thinking "They're beautiful, and they're doing something they love, and they're happy." Fortunately this is the way it works for me sometimes.

It especially works that way at Wiscon (I wasn't there this year, but I've been a few times). The people attending and working at Wiscon truly create a wonderful environment, an opportunity to hang out with and listen to so many really smart, thoughtful people. And to watch them blossom.

I've been following the fallout from someone nonconsensually posting photos and hateful commentary about people at Wiscon. I'm angry that this person has hurt my friends and hated on disabled people and fat people and trans people, who are part of my community.

And at the same time whenever I read more about it what stays in my mind is the wonderful feeling of being among people who are beautiful and doing what they love.
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