Stef (firecat) wrote,

beadstash reduction retreat

I spent Wednesday thru Saturday in exotic Pacifica, California. I went to visit the ocean and to make a dent in my bead stash.

I waded in the ocean but didn't go surfing or swimming—I wanted to, but I didn't have any body-heat-retaining water clothing, and the ocean was pretty cold. I spent a lot of time looking at the waves.

I made 19 pieces of jewelry and I'm pretty happy with them. I still have a lot of beads left though!

Photos below. More photos available on my Flickr page.

two-tone glass bracelet
two-tone glass bracelet

trilobite and cat earrings
trilobite and cat painted plastic earrings (elynne made these—I just put them on earwires)

three critters.jpg
"Three Critters" wooden bead and painted plastic necklace (cats and trilobyes by elynne)

labradorite and sunstone bracelet.jpg

labradorite, sunstone, and other stone bracelet
labradorite, sunstone, and other stone bracelet (two views, with more shiny-labradorite photos on my flicket page)

jasper and hematine earrings
jasper and hematine earrings

stone bead bracelet
stone bead bracelet

resin bead and painted square necklace.jpg
natural touch resin bead and painted square necklace. the square was painted by Sharon Bearce, a Belmont, CA, artist

pressed glass bead bracelet
pressed glass bracelet

stone nugget and octoball necklace.jpg

stone nugget and octoball necklace. Octoball is from Green Girl Studios

no1cat bone bead necklace

"No. 1, I presume"
No. 1 Cat and bone bead necklace. The pendant is "No. 1, I Presume" by elisem

green stone & wire earrings
green stone and wire earrings

goldstone nugget and bear necklace.jpg
goldstone nugget, fetish bear, and other beads necklace

flying saucer glass earrings
flying saucer glass earrings. I bought the beads at a craft fair.

fish and clear glass necklace
fish and clear glass necklace

natural touch resin bead eyeglass chain
natural touch resin bead eyeglass chain

big and small fish necklace
"Big & Small Fish" glass necklace

bear fetish necklace
"Bear Fetish" necklace

art glass bracelet
art glass bracelet
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