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Yesterday I wasn't out doors hardly at all, and I didn't do much battling of entropy, and I didn't move, and I didn't do any art, and I did a project -- a Sweet discography -- and I went out with OH to see the Harry Potter movie.

Doing the things I didn't do really does make a difference when I do them. Today since I didn't do them I woke up stiff and with a sore back (which has now mostly gone away thanks to 3 ibu).

I listened to No You Don't and ACDC. NYD: I was impressed with Brian's lead singer ability. Also the tension in that song is superb. And the playing the guitar with a violin bow or beer can or whatever. That is my favorite Chinn & Chapman song. ACDC: More pop sounding. Mick's drums are amazingly precise and complex.

Stairway to the Stars has got everything. A pop hook, a melody, danceable syncopation, sex appeal, thick soaring vocals. I was blown away by how complex it was. I never noticed that when I was listening to the stuff at age 14. It doesn't make a lot of sense that I would notice it now. I guess I have had a lot more experience listening to music and that stuff comes out. I wonder what musical experience caused that -- maybe African drumming classes? Or is it "musical talent"?

Yesterday I also made a folder full of Alan Rickman web sites. I like looking at him (although looking at him move is more interesting than looking at still photos).

Harrison Ford's sneer looks like a poor simplistic copy of Alan Rickman's.

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