Stef (firecat) wrote,

Various doings

  • Albany fat women's swim with Oc and N.
  • Singing in the car a lot. My voice keeps getting lower over time.
  • Dickens Fair with OH. Saw the_ogre and 7patches and leandra333 and some other people I know. Wished that I had Victorian formal men's wear. (I don't think hoop skirts are my style.)
  • Oc took some of her furniture out of the garage and took the opportunity to spread the "MAS" meme.
  • OH went with me to PHS to help troubleshoot their net connection while I walked two crazy Welsh Corgis who are up for adoption. Also last week worked with a Lhasa Apso, a Chow-Chow mix and a Retriever-Shepherd mix who wanted to play ball until the end of time. And met J there one evening, who helped me do cat pix.
  • Watched Yes Madam, Michelle Yeoh' s debut move, on DVD. The English subtitles were terrible.
  • Had visit from plumber, so we no longer have to flush our toilet by pouring a bucket of water into the bowl.
  • Date with N, failed to find parking near Osento so wound up on 24th Street and discovered a Korean bbq I actua lly like. Spend too much money at Streetlight Records, but much of it was in the good cause of picking up a copy of Hedwig on DVD.
  • Saw Harry Potter once with OH a nd once with my folks.
  • Date with Oc, we watched Emergency Vets, a show on Animal Planet.
  • Dropped off final web site files to/for The Gallery -- my first paid web site design project!
  • Stayed up until 3am reading As Nature Made Him by John Colapinto (account of twin who underwent accident damaging his genitals, was castrated and raised as a girl, and it didn't take).
  • Looked up a lot of old friends/lovers on the web. (No, I am not actually going to put links into this item...)
  • Made up various tunes on the spot and forgot them.
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