Stef (firecat) wrote,

no-knead sourdough baking

Since recovering from the disastrous bread-baking class, I've been continuing to bake bread using the no-knead method. I use the recipe from Breadtopia here (although currently I'm using rye flour instead of whole wheat). I subscribe to the comments on this blog post and I find it fascinating that people have such different results using the same method. The latest set of comments is about what kind of container to use to bake the bread. Someone is using an old unglazed flower pot. Not a good idea—they can contain lead.

I use an old "Club" brand 5 quart aluminum dutch oven to bake my bread. I pre-heat it. The bread never sticks and always comes out with a crispy crust. I get good oven spring. This dutch oven isn't made any more but seems to be readily available on eBay. Here is an auction for one, with photos.
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