Stef (firecat) wrote,

Eight days of happiness: six

Today I was happy about the following things:

Weather. We don't get a lot of weather in the SF Bay Area. All summer, the weather prognosticators have only one prediction to make: whether the temperature will be in the "50s on the coast to 90s inland" or in the "80s on the coast to 110s inland" range. The rest is almost always the same: "low lying clouds and fog on the coast, burning off by mid-day, sunny elsewhere." In the fall and winter it's colder and more frequently cloudly and we sometimes get rainstorms. But today we had cloudy and partly cloudy and a little bit of actual hail and then partly sunny with big puffy clouds.

Taking five bags of newspapers to the animal shelter (they use them to line cat cages) and five bags of books and clothing to the animal shelter's thrift store. My car now has room for grocery bags and I got some exercise and my house is a tiny bit less cluttered and I helped some homeless animals.

My LJ friends list.


Well-paying work.

The first stage of my resin project came out of its mold and looks pretty good. Clearly this kind of resin doesn't actually mind temperatures in the low 60s, which is the temperature of my room most of the winter. (The instructor of the class said that you should only work with resin when the temperature is in the 70s.)

About that house temperature: Last year around this time I was unusually (for me) cold-intolerant, probably because I had anemia. I had to turn on the heat when the house got colder than 65. This year I am enjoying colder temperatures again. This also helps with swimming because the pool I use is outdoors. Last year I froze my ass off getting out of the pool and had to stop going swimming until it got warmer.
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