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You slut, me Jane

Someone posted on a list I read about sluttiness and it got me to thinking "what is sluttiness?" (Note: I am defining it as a neutral to positive trait, not as a negative trait.) I haven't yet intro'ed myself on that list so I thought I'd post my noodlings here instead.

I don't identify as slutty. But I do relate to some characteristics I think are part of being slutty. For example, I enjoy friendly physical / sexual contact and I don't feel that sex needs to be in the context of a romantic or committed relationship to be enjoyable. (Caring and respect do have to be there.) But I'm not making it a priority to have sex frequently or with many people or many different people (and to me at least one of those needs to be there to earn the "slutty" label). I'm also not making it a priority to have group sex, although I've generally liked my experiences with it.

Finally, I rather like (although I don't require) a slow courtship, even if the end result is not romance but friendly sex. But sluttiness and a slow courtship seem somehow incompatible to me.

Since I've lately felt my life is running a little low on partner sex, maybe I ought to change my prioritizing.

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