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I hate STUFF.

So my watch with six alarms broke (it actually didn't break, just the LED screen died -- I threw it into the wastebasket in the bathroom, and I keep hearing the alarms beeping, and there's no way to turn off the alarms 'cos I can't see the screen), and I ordered a new one. I don't particularly like leather watchbands, so I ordered a plastic watch band along with it. So it came today, and I was trying to swap the watch bands, and the little metal thingie that holds the band onto the watch is now stuck inside my computer keyboard, and the keyboard is put together with screws that have some obscure heads that I don't have a tool for. I know that somewhere around the house is a magnet tool that I might be able to use to coax the thingie out of the keyboard, but I can't find it. And I know that somewhere around the house is a bunch of watches with dead batteries I was carrying around for a while thinking I might go into a jewelers and change the batteries on them, so I looked for them thinking I could cannibalize one of them for a watchband thingie, but I can't find them either.

I'm going to go watch a movie.
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