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Does the person who dies with the neatest room win?

Balancing is so difficult sometimes. So is feeling that I should be perfectly in balance all the time, that swaying temporarily X degrees in this or that direction.

And while I'm on what's difficult, another thing that's difficult to manage is my tendency to take on a project and then drop it and take up another project.

The projects currently sitting around my room in various states of undoneness:

  • installing various hardware, programs, and music CDs onto my computer
  • getting a new band for my watch
  • filing / weeding papers
  • opening the mail from the last 2 weeks
  • taping CDs for use in my car
  • putting away my clean laundry
  • clearing horizontal surfaces for work and craft use
  • setting up the synthesizer
  • getting a bookshelf to put the books in the laundry basket on
  • cleaning off the hard disk of my old computer
  • donating the box of stuff I no longer want
I am fortunate that I am interested in so many things and people and able to have so many things I want...but it does end up feeling at times like I am never going to catch up, and I'm going to be completely inundated with partially processed stuff.
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