Stef (firecat) wrote,

April is Poetry Month, poem 3

(If you are wondering where poems 1 and 2 went, they are friends-locked.)

I didn't expect to be inspired to participate in elisem's "Nine Things About Oracles" project but after I had gotten a few lines written on this one I realized that was what it was about, and added the title. I'm not entirely happy with it yet, but here's where it stands for now.

Questions Not to Ask the Oracle
when will my ship come in?
who will be the next one
      to win?
what did i do to deserve this life?
      ...this body?
      ...these parents?
why am i free?

You may ask:
who first dreamed of the taste of custard?
when the moon sets, does the rabbit inside
      close its eyes?
how did the meteor choose this place
      to die?
Tags: april is poetry month, i made this!, poetry, writing
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