Stef (firecat) wrote,

Kudos to the Wiscon programming team

I got round 2 of my panel schedule. Round 1 had me on a panel at 8:30 am. Ah ha ha, no. Round 2 fits perfectly within my parameters.

I've tried to schedule one track of programming at a tiny convention and I know what a PITA it is. Wiscon has multiple tracks of programming and hundreds of prospective panelists. The programming committee is working on software that will let a computer do a lot of the crunching. There is software in place to let people suggest panel topics. The idea of letting the con attendees create the panel topics is already pretty unusual in the cons I know of. So for Wiscon you can use the computer to (1) suggest panel topics (2) indicate interest in participating in programming (3) specify your availability (4) receive your panel schedule (5) reply to your panel schedule. I think this is awesome.
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