Stef (firecat) wrote,

Star Trek movie

I found a theater that offered it with rear window captioning so the OH could see it with me. Now I don't have to go to Wiscon prepared to clap my hands over my ears every five minutes to avoid spoilers.

Watching the movie made me happy. I was entertained.

Sylar gives good Spock. Sylar gives REALLY good Spock.

The rest of the actors did a good job of implying the original characters.

Ttttoooo mmuuccchhhhh sshhhaakkkkkyy ccaaaaammm

I suppose every action movie these days has to have revenge-motivated piratical villains with tribal tattoos and trench coats. But revenge-motivated piratical villains with tribal tattoos and trench coats who are ROMULAN?

I suppose every science fiction thriller these days has to have killer black holes. [*Cue giant sucking sound*]

Uhura-Spock works. A shame that she didn't get to do anything other than be a love interest, because I got the impression the actress would have done a good job with a broader role.

Typically, all the other women in the movie were there to be murdered to make male characters pissed off, or to give birth to male characters.
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