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Sad stuff

OH and his partner he's been with the longest (a few months longer than me) broke up today.

He is doing OK but I'm sure he would appreciate condolences, good wishes, etc., from those who aren't busy siding with his ex.

Here's what he posted about it.

Well, as of 2pm PDT, Thu 6 Jun 2002, my 10+ year relationship with RA is over. Much of it was good while it lasted, but we've also had various problems through much of the relationship, and now we're too exhausted. We've been broken up once before, but I'd have to say it's extremely unlikely that we'll try again.

I don't think it makes much sense to talk about blame, and to the extent that it does, we've certainly both been at fault. We're not going to be friends, but we will at least try to be civil -- with our various shared communities, there's no way we can completely avoid each other.

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