Stef (firecat) wrote,

star trek: tos remastered boo!

We've been watching Star Trek: TOS on DVD via Netflix. We got through season 1 and partway into season 2 but for some reason we missed my favorite season 2 episode ("Amok Time," of course).

Now Netflix has gotten rid of all the original DVDs of this series and has replaced them with the "remastered in HD, with new CGI" DVDs.

I hate the idea of "new CGI." I'm trying to decide whether to buy the original DVDs (they are discontinued but can be purchased used for an exorbitant price) or to suck it up and continue with the remastered DVDs.

Have you watched any of the remastered-with-new-CGI DVDs? What are they like? Have they spoiled all the wonderfully lousy effects of the original? Have they removed the infuriating soft-focus around every single closeup of an attractive woman? Does Han still shoot first?
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