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Trader Joe's rocks

Trader Joe's runs out of stuff regularly, and sometimes it's a while before you can figure out if you've had a run of bad luck looking for something, or if it's discontinued. The OH and I like their frozen chicken pot pies. We haven't seen any for a while. Today I went there and again I found no pot pies.

The checkout person made the mistake of asking me if I had found everything, so I said there were no pot pies and asked if they had discontinued them. She said no and asked another staffer to check for pot pies in the back. But the staffer hadn't reappeared by the time I was checked out, so I headed to my car.

I was very surprised when the checkout person chased me down in the parking lot and handed me a pot pie, saying "They found some in the back, this is on me."

I thought that was a very cool gesture. It won't make me shop at Trader Joe's more, because I already get practically all my food there. But it makes me a little bit happier about shopping there.
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