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Yesterday I must have done something or other during the day, but I don't remember what it was.

In the evening I went over to my sweetie Joyce's place. We had a long conversation, and then wished we had played music instead.

Joyce gave me a Zip disk with a few mp3's on it. That made it possible for me to burn a CD that has all but one of the songs that Andy Scott performed at his gig in Devizes UK in April:

"Where D'ya Go" Andy Scott Andy Scott 30 Years
"Dream On" Sweet Level Headed
"Fountain" Sweet Level Headed
"Most People I Know Think That I'm Crazy" Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs Retro Rarities Of The 70's & 80's
"Baker Street" Gerry Rafferty City to City
"Leap Of Faith" Sweet Sweetlife
"You Don't Care" Andy Scott (home demo )
"Lady Starlight" Sweet Desolation Boulevard (Original UK Version)
"Blockbuster" Sweet The Private Collection
"Fox On The Run" Sweet The Private Collection
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