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Saturday and Sunday

Saturday evening OH and I watched Rashomon on DVD. Yes, I suppose we were the only people left on the planet who hadn't already seen it. It's visually stunning. The DVD had a short including interviews with the cinematographer and the director Kurosawa, and because it was taken from Japanese TV, it had subtitles so OH could watch it. The cinematographer said that they had dyed the "rain" to make it show up against the sky, and that they had faked the leaf-shadows against the actors' faces, and all that faking made it look much more real. It really did, too.

On Sunday OH and I had a talk in which I bitched about the various grr-inducing things that had happened earlier in the week, which was helpful to me.

I actually got some work done on my tutorial.

My sweetie Oc came over in the evening. OH and she and I had dinner at Kabul, then she and I took a walk, then I dragged out my beading supplies and my earring collection. I weeded my earring collection (some for giving away, some for cannibalizing into new stuff) and made a new pair of earrings (I'll post a photo later).

Now I'm off to the animal shelter to do "Cat TLC."
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