Stef (firecat) wrote,

Alice in Wonderland

I think that [personal profile] aquaeri hit the nail on the head about Alice in Wonderland: "I don't remember ever seeing a mainstream film that close to failing the Reverse Bechdel Test."

Also, they did a good job of capturing the look of the original Tenniel illustrations and updating them with animated effects. (The Cheshire Cat was my favorite.)

Also, because Johnny Depp is such a star I was worried that the whole movie would end up being about him. It wasn't. He was a central character, but the movie was about Alice, and there were other strong characters. (The Red Queen was awesome.)

I liked how they played with Alice's size and costuming.

I liked how there was almost no explicit romance in the story, and what romance there is, is mocked.

Several reviewers complained about the battle scene at the end but I thought it worked well and it was fun to have a heroine in shining armor for once.

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