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Ooh, I like this meme

From the_ogre
Items from my interest list that no one else has in their interest lists:

andy scott
my favorite has been rock star (guitarist for Sweet, which a few people do have listed)
cat goddesses
lots of people have Bast, but it's not like she's the only one!
collecting other people's hobbies
OK, I'm not surprised no one else lists this
core shamanism
aka cross-cultural shamanic techniques as taught by Michael Harner's Foundation for Shamanic Studies. One person has Michael Harner listed. 666 people have "shamanism" listed. Should I be worried about that number?
how things are made
Cf. "collecting other people's hobbies." Since other people have "what makes people tick" listed, I'm surprised no one lists this.
little glass cats
and no one lists "glass cats" either. A few people list "Fenton" (a maker of glass cats, and other cutesy wootsy glass objects), though.
tellington touch
this is a method for working with nervous animals. It was originally developed for horses. I'm kind of surprised no one has this listed. 4987 people and communities list "horses" as an interest. I use it to work with stray cats (23168 people list cats as an interest) and dogs (11164 list dogs as an interest -- now that's interesting, since I think in the culture at large, dogs are more popular than cats).
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