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Your own little corner of the Internet

[personal profile] snippy posted some musings (I am linking to the LJ post rather than the DW post because more of the comments are there) about why her LJ friends list is so much quieter than it used to be and about which places on the Internet have felt like social communities to her. I posted some of the following as a comment.
My LJ flist is quieter, but partly because during my family crisis last summer I cut my reading list way back. Also, I moved the folks cross-posting at DW to a different list.

When I got back enough time to want to read journals again, I went around subscribing to people on DW; there is something about the subscription/access model where I give myself permission to read the journals of people I don't know, whereas with LJ's friends list model I want to wait to be invited.

I'm not deeply into media fandom or fanfic myself, but it seems to me that a number of the people who are also have interesting-to-me thoughts about other stuff.

I flounced to LJ during a week where my Usenet home alt.polyamory was being annoying. But I still post to both. My journaling home is now DW but I cross-post almost everything to LJ and have enough friends still here that I plan to continue. Usenet and journaling encourage very different sorts of conversations and I value both kinds.

Last year I got sucked into Facebook but at this point I've been spit out again and I only post fluff there for the most part. I sometimes post the same fluff to my journals but often no one comments in the journals and so I assume the stuff goes over better elsewhere and am less likely to make the effort to repost it in the future. (I tried auto-crossposting from LJ to Facebook and didn't like it.)
Where are your Internet meeting places? Have they changed over time?

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Jun. 25th, 2010 02:35 pm (UTC)
Usenet was my first online home, specifically the alt.callahans and rec.crafts.beads communities -- I had a brief stint in one of the Buffy groups as well, but my interest didn't survive the end of the show. There are still things I miss about it, especially the ability for a conversation to keep going for weeks or months, as long as there were people interested in posting to it. (This has a downside -- the conversation that keeps going for weeks or months because there are people who JUST WON'T LET IT DIE -- but that's what killfiles are for.)

I moved to LJ late and reluctantly, because so many of the people whose posts I wanted to see were now posting here instead of there, and what was left was rapidly becoming poisoned by spam and asshats. The ability to ban the latter from my journal makes up for a lot.

My friendslist does seem to be quieter now, but a lot of the reason is that people have largely burned out on posting memes, quizzes, and other such fluff. I don't miss that at all; I'd rather see one substantive post a week than a high volume made up of nothing much. It also makes LJ much less of a time-sink, because I can now scan thru and comment on new posts in an hour or less instead of half a day. This is a feature, not a bug! I feel that I'm getting much more actual value per unit of time spent here than I used to.

Facebook... I'm on it, I like some things about it and dislike others. If I never had to see another game post, or "So-and-so favorited this on YouTube/Digg/Deviant Art/whatever", I'd be ecstatic. (And there used to be a way not to have to see them, Facebook Lite, but it was disabled because it was getting too popular.) It has put me back in contact with some people from my past, which is nice. It's not in any way a replacement for LJ -- I describe it to people as "broader but very shallow".

I see a lot of people using popular blogs as their primary online communities these days. I do a little of that too, mostly on Making Light, where I'm a regular. One thing I really like about them in particular is the sidebar of recent comments; people do post items of interest on older posts where they were discussed, and sometimes this restarts the conversation there, and that's cool. Also, it's a moderated blog, which means that spam gets slammed and trolls get banned.

Everything changes over time.
Jun. 25th, 2010 08:02 pm (UTC)
FB has added back away to turn off all the app notifications at once -- it's in the privacy settings. They're also excluded from the mobile version.
(Deleted comment)
Jun. 25th, 2010 05:41 pm (UTC)
You have a very different take on comments/commenting than I do. I will respond to comments that ask me a question, or to which I feel I have something substantive to say. But I feel that as a general rule, comments along the lines of "Me too!" add nothing to the conversation. (Specific exceptions: posts about things deserving of congratulations or condolences.) I also comment much more than I post, but that's because I'm an opinionated SOB. :-)
Jun. 25th, 2010 03:51 pm (UTC)
Facebook, twitter, buzz.. are all sucking the conversation out of LJ.

I do twitter and IRC, but not FB. It's all in the great wheel of change.
Jun. 25th, 2010 08:03 pm (UTC)
I do more FB than LJ these days -- it's easier to post quick "look at this interesting article" links there, and I have a broader set of contacts there. I try to keep up here, too, but I'm not very good at it.
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