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Discuss whether or not Stef is cool in essay form.

AKA the "type your name + is into Google and see what emerges" meme

STEF is a new version of the simulation environment for planning and execution that we have developed this year in substitution of the previous simulator that was designed for the domain JERICO. The purpose of STEF is to simulate the presence of visual sensors in a simulated three-dimensional environment, thus allowing the extension of the knowledge base that describes the scene.

The Spacelab Thermoelectric Freezer (STEF) is a thermoelectric refrigerator/freezer that was developed for and first flown on the LMS mission for the cooling of scientific samples. Similar hardware was built and delivered for the Shuttle Mir Science Program. This project allowed the existing design to be used in the Shuttle Program with a minimum of changes. The STEF is stowed for launch and landing and is deployed on orbit at its usage location in the Spacelab. The STEF operates in two modes: cooling and freezing. In the cooling mode, samples can be chilled to +4 degrees Celsius and maintained within 2 degrees of setpoint. In the freezing mode, the unit can run unregulated at a temperature no warmer than -12 degrees Celsius.

Next project up for Stef is a Hip Hop b-boy/b-girl barbecue called Soul Chicken aka Bite This.

Stef is Right

Stef is a great performer!

Stef is pissed at Mike, so he uses his token to essentially double Mike's drinking time.

Stef is a former young Leicester City player of the year and although only 22 can boast a Wembley League Cup winners medal in his trophy cabinet.

Legend has it that Stef is the only member of the Speakeasy Crew that has absolutely zero animosity directed at her

1. If Stef knows Fred Feldman, then
A) Stef knows that Fred Feldman is a philosopher.
B) Stef is acquainted with FF
C) Stef has the skill of feldmaning and the ability to feldman
D) All of the above
E) None of the above.
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