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Hopeful kitty news

I went to PHS today and played with Diesel, the kitty who was found in a gasoline pump, and who had a bad reputation for being shy and sensitive.

Well, I saw hardly any shy and sensitive behavior at all. She wandered around the adoption room, looking at things, and frequently coming back to me to get petted. At first I was tentative about petting her, because people had said she bites if you try to pet her on the back or tail or belly. But then I realized she wasn't being sensitive at all. I could pet her anywhere, pick her up, you name it. She came when I called her name, and she stood on her hind legs to give my hand a head-bump, and she gave me kisses.

The only time she acted nervous was when there was a lot of thumping from upstairs. I guess I can understand that in a cat that was stuck in a gas pump.

She still looks like hell, with a lot of hair shaved on her back and hind legs and tail and some sores. But maybe if people know she's more friendly now, she will have a better chance of finding a home.

Here is the news release about Diesel.
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