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Community Standards: A Comparison of Dreamwidth and Google+

I know that Google+ and Dreamwidth are very different services, and that there's no particular need for people to choose only one of them. But when I saw this post I was inspired to do a similar comparison.
"Community Standards: A Comparison of Facebook vs. Google+"


You need to choose a username to use the service, but it needs bear no relationship to any other name you might use. You are required to provide a Display Name, but there are no restrictions on what is in the Display Name field, other than the general restrictions mentioned in the Terms of Service. (You can use punctuation, numbers, professional titles, etc.)

This quote is from the FAQ about changing your journal's username.
our username restrictions: 25 or fewer characters with letters, numbers, and hyphens (-) only, with the first and last characters of the username being letters and numbers only.
You can create an account that is a community, which can be posted to by more than one person.

Their name policy includes the following rules:
Use your full first and last name in a single language.
Note that professional titles aren't allowed in the first or last name fields.
Avoid unusual characters in your name.
Your profile and name must represent one person.

Community Guidelines

Both Google and Dreamwidth disallow abuse, hate speech, invasion of privacy, illegal content, spam, and impersonation.

Dreamwidth: includes the following:
Freedom: We believe in free expression. We will not place limits on your expression, except as required by United States law or to protect the quality and long-term viability of the service (such as removing spam). We will provide you with tools that make creativity and free expression easy. If, at any point, we have to place restrictions on your expression, we will tell you why, and work to find the best solutions possible. includes the following:
Within the confines of international and local law, we will generally not place a restriction on the type or appropriateness of any Content.
Google's guidelines include the following:
We don't allow nudity, graphic sex acts, or sexually explicit material.
Your profile picture should not include mature or offensive content.

Community Policing

How do I report a violation of Dreamwidth's Terms of Service?
Currently, to report something you believe to be a violation of Dreamwidth's Terms of Service, you may open a Support Request in the Terms of Service category, or email
There is no "flag this" or "report this" marker on any content.

There is a "Report abuse" item in the drop-down menu for every post. There is a "Report this profile" button on every profile page. The button brings up a dialog box that asks you to pick why you're reporting the profile:
Report abuse
Thank you for helping Google by reporting content which may be in violation of our Community Standards.

Why are you reporting this profile?
Hate speech or violence
Child abuse
Fake profile

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