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Search engines that aren't Google

Here is a list of possibly lesser-known search engines that aren't Google, Yahoo, or Bing and seem to have reasonable privacy options. The list is in alphabetical order.

If you know anything more about these search engines or if you know of other good ones, please comment.

Sort of curated. Uses "slashtags" to refine search. Various privacy options. It has ads (so they say. I have ad blockers that seem to be filtering out the ads) but you can choose not to see them.

Metasearch engine, includes Google, Yahoo, and Bing results
Includes sponsored listings in results. Also has ads. Includes web, images, videos, news, yellow pages, and white pages search modes.

Positions itself as a search engine that doesn't "bubble" you (filter your search results based on search history) and doesn't track you. Has an option of a "red box result" at the top of the page that includes a definition of your search term. Has an ad at the right side of the page. Gives 10% of its income to Open Source projects.

Scroogle SSL
This is not so much a search engine as a few privacy guys (e.g., Daniel Brandt, who runs and thumbing their nose at Google, scraping its results and delivering them without ads. The name comes from a Cory Doctorow story. It's a non-profit and contributions are tax deductible in the US. The interface is ugly as sin. Something about it warms my prickly geeky heart. No ads. "no cookies, no search-term records, access log deleted within 48 hours"

Ixquick is a metasearch engine based in Europe. Startpage is affiliated with Ixquick, but returns results from Google only.
Both have https option. Both allow you to generate a URL that stores your settings instead of
using a cookie. They have ads at the top and bottom of the result page (so they say. I have ad blockers that seem to be filtering out the ads). Web, image, video, and phone search modes.

Edited to add I crossposted this to [community profile] googleplus and a commenter there pointed me to a couple of wikis that list alternatives to various Google services:

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