Stef (firecat) wrote,

Being a dilettante

Lately I feel like I want to learn something new, or continue learning something I've already done some of...mostly along the lines of arts and crafts. It's great that I want to do stuff and might have the energy to do stuff, because it's been a while since I felt that way. But it's also frustrating right now, because whatever part of my brain that I use to choose among various more or less equally good options seems to still be offline, so I can't make up my mind what I want to learn or where/how I want to learn it.

things to learn
using resin to make jewelry
basic metalsmithing
basic soldering

places to learn
beading frenzy
baubles and beads
bay area bead extravaganza conference
books and magazine articles

yarn crafts:
things to learn
nonstandard/historical/ethnic knitting techniques (knitting in two directions, twined knitting, bohus stickning)
techniques for knitting in color (fair isle, slip stitch)
incorporating beads into knitting
less common knitting stitches
fitting techniques
cable stitches and techniques
designing lace patterns

places to learn
stitches west conference
local yarn stores
web sites: knitty, ravelry, interweave
dvds, books and magazines

things to learn
embroidery machine
serger machine
long-arm quilting machine

places to learn

other stuff I think about learning/doing
glass fusing
stained glass
wood shop machines and hand tools
ukulele, recorder, tin whistle, hand drums, singing (group and/or lessons)
logic pro (computer music software)
photoshop and other graphics software

some things I keep feeling tempted to learn but have resisted so far
yarn dying, spinning
polymer clay, silver clay, glass clay
glass blowing

What do you want to learn? What are you glad you learned?

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