Stef (firecat) wrote,

BAKICIDW/LJ: ebook reader app advice

So here's what I want.
An ebook reader app.
  • It works on both the iPod/iPad and Android smartphone.
  • It stores books and bookmarks in the cloud so when I open the book on a different device, it remembers where I was.
  • It also stores books and bookmarks locally so I don't need to have wireless access to use it.
  • It lets me upload and store DRMed and non-DRMed epub format books.
Here's where my research has gotten me so far. These apps meet all the criteria except the one listed.
  • Bluefire: Doesn't store bookmark data online.
  • Google Books: Can't upload your own books, as far as I know.
  • Kobo: Stores bookmark data online for books you get through its store, but not for books you upload.
Do you know any apps that fit all the criteria?

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