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Toy frenzy

My sweetie kyubi just tempted me with a Breyer Dog Agility set (with Shetland Sheepdog)

I thought, Ohhhh, PHS just started a dog agility class, and I'm tempted to buy this and give it to someone in the behavior department.

But then I went to put it in my shopping cart, and I saw the five million other categories in the store linked on the side, and I thought "I can't just buy this without checking out all the other categories in case there's something else I want," and then I thought "my house is overrun with clutter and I don't have time to check all those things out" and then I thought "AUUUGGGHHHH!"

(And then I clicked the "Farm/John Deere" link, and thought "OMG! A Yellow 1:16 Scale Ertl FarmCountry 2-Pack Rotary Hoe + Cultivator!")
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