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Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows isn't the best movie ever, but I found it very entertaining. I'm not going to pay much attention to the reviews of M. LaSalle of the SF Chronicle in the future. (He gave it 1 star out of 5.)

Four competent women. But as far as I know, they never talk to each other. (I missed a few minutes in the middle.)

What Moriarty said about Irene Adler's death makes no sense. In my personal headcanon, I don't believe she's really dead.

Nekkid Stephen Fry!!!

There's so much slashy (not-really-sub)text that I don't know what any of the folks who write slash about this version of Holmes have left to write about. It's fun to watch though. I also find it amusing to see critics who apparently aren't familiar with fandom try to make sense out of it.

This was the first movie where I really liked RDJ as an actor. The Iron Man movies were OK and I loved the 2009 Sherlock Holmes movie but not because of RDJ's acting particularly; I thought he overdid it in all those movies. But in this movie either I clicked with what he was doing or he was doing it slightly differently in a way that worked for me. I like JL's acting better though.

I recognized Noomi Rapace's face and it drove me crazy trying to place where I'd seen her before. I ended up having to look her up on IMDB to figure it out.

A lot of critics complained about Guy Ritchie's use of slo-mo and other weird effects. I guess I'm an unsophisticated movie-goer, because I liked a lot of it.

I've never seen Jared Harris before and I was glad Moriarty wasn't played by someone I recognized. (Gary Oldman was apparently considered. He would NOT have worked.)

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