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Gendered product of the day

Probably Sociological Images has covered this already, but the first I saw the mentioned was in a New York Times article about accessories for e-readers.

Altec Lansing "Bliss" in-ear 'phones

Language used to describe headphones:
  • "silver," "gold," "platinum" (designating price points and the fake jewel visible when you insert the earphones)
  • "petite size"
  • "designed to fit snugly"
  • "vibrant, feminine hues"
  • "Snug Fit™ design" (to be fair, this term is also used to describe their 'phones that don't seem to be marketed specifically for women)
  • "contemporary colors"
  • "jewel styling"
This review claims that they are mediocre 'phones for the price:

On the planet where I come from, they also have 'phones for people with smaller ears and 'phones for people who like bright colors. But they are labeled "small" and "festive colors" rather than "for women."

The company www.jlabaudio.com (also referenced in the NYT article) seems to come from my planet.
These phones also have a fake jewel on the end and come in bright colors, and language used to describe them could also be said to be gendered, but more than one gender is referenced. Starting with "luxury metal bling" in the URL and moving on to "Daring, rugged...Shimmering, complex geometric surfaces that beg to be held and touched. Glamorous, extravagant flare...couture...stunning, ...choreographed...luxurious satin finish...brilliant, sparkling platinum grooves....handsomely finished...polished"

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Feb. 24th, 2012 09:43 pm (UTC)
The last product description is a bit over-the-top with soooo many adjectives, but it's also more appealing. That mix is somewhat intriguing to imagine all in one item. If I were looking for earphones durable and comfortable and lightweight would be my criteria before what image they projected.

If it's described in solely feminine terms I'd expect it to be more fragile. If it's described in solely masculine ones I'd expect it to be too bulky and rigid.
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