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sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday

take car in to dealer to check out transmission misbehavior and fix leaky tire
take car to Costco to replace tires
wash mom's car
check oil and tire pressure on mom's car
return mom's car
install folks' dvd/vcr player

get smog check
pick up wireless doorbell and fluorescent bathroom lights at Orchard Supply
return faulty fluorescent light to Orchard Supply
return overdue library books
pay fine for overdue library books
volunteer at Belmont Library Book Nook
put out papers and cans for recycling
get lab slip for blood test
get blood test

make doctors' appointments
get badge, meet with lead writer on work project
install remote access to work
install new build of software
incorporate reviews into manual
finish laundry
clean up mess made by Sorcerer's Apprentice ice maker
call plumber to uninstall Sorcerer's Apprentice ice maker
go to relationship therapy
put away Planet Organics produce
stage 2 puppy TLC training at PHS
Second Chance Class at PHS
cat pix at PHS

give blood
schedule lunch w/ folks
buy window coverings
buy bookshelves
burn cds
sign up for lampworking class
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