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I <3 the fat nutritionist


We’ve come to prioritize and privilege rarefied forms of movement in our culture, usually involving gym memberships and special clothes and/or equipment, but your body does not care – your body cares about whether you can do your activities of daily living with adequate energy and strength, and how well your heart and lungs function. You don’t need a gym membership to do any of that (though if you just like going to the gym, then bully for you.)
Even if you are disabled, even if you have some impairment, your body is still exploring – from the bat of an eyelash to a trip to the bathroom. You are negotiating, discovering, navigating a physical existence.

You were made for this world. You belong in it, and it belongs to you.

Eating and moving: your right to exist, and a world in which to exist. They are not rivals. They do not annihilate each other. They collaborate to make a whole person, body and soul.
One reason I need to see this is that when I go to the doctor, they ask me whether I exercise, and if I say yes, they say "What do you do, and how often?" And if I say what I actually think, which is "I weigh $LARGENUMBEROFUNITS and so everything I do is exercise," they look at me funny.

I know, it doesn't fit into the little box on their patient info form.

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