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Peninsula Humane Society adoption specials

This weekend (Saturday October 6 and Sunday October 7, 12pm-4pm), it’s all about rabbits as we’re holding our Get Your Hands On Our Buns Rabbits Adoption Extravaganza. The event will include a 50% discount on adoption fees and a 10% discount on rabbit starter kits and caging in our Furchandise retail store. We’ll have rabbit experts on hand, Saturday and Sunday, 12-4 both days, to answer questions and for special demonstrations to teach visitors about nail trimming, clicker training, litter box training and rabbit massage.

Beginning next week and through Christmas, we’re waiving adoption fees for all cats and kittens; rather than collecting fees, we’ll ask that adopters make a donation to PHS/SPCA in any amount. (The average cost to PHS for each cat or kitten's stay and care is over $300.) As always, we will rely on our staff to make good, lasting matches; as always, every adoption will include a counseling session.

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