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The Hobbit

I saw The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey today.

I was entertained, and I think it's pretty cool when people can get zillions of dollars to make fanfic movies set in Middle Earth.

I think I recognized some of the plot of Tolkien's book The Hobbit in between the chase and battle scenes. And it works for me that Jackson seems to be setting this up as a prequel to his LOTR films, by putting it in a larger context of Evil Stirring™.

Back a while ago, I went to see Fellowship of the Ring with my girlfriend. When the troll scene in Moria started, she went to the bathroom, which involved walking to the other end of the theater complex. When she came back, the troll scene was still going.

She could have gone to the bathroom about ten times during this movie.

It was very distracting to have Aidan Turner in the movie. (My reaction every time: "Here are a bunch of dwarves, and a hobbit. And Aidan Turner!") If he had had a beard, as Tolkien's dwarves are supposed to, then it wouldn't have been so distracting.

I quite liked the addition of Radagast the Brown as an important character. It almost makes up for Tom Bombadil being cut from the Lord of the Rings movies.

The scene between Bilbo and Gollum was very well done.

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