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Tonight's web surfing subjects:
Radio stations I listened to in my youth: CKLW, WRIF with Arthur Penhallow, WWWW (W4), WLLZ
Radio stations I listen to now: KFOG, KLLC ("Radio Alice"), KSAN ("The Bone")
Radio station formats: "Rhythmic Contemporary Hit Radio", "Album Oriented Rock," "Hot Adult Contemporary", "Active Rock", "Adult Album Alternative", "Modern Rock"
Alternative music of the early 80s (, when I was a DJ at WESU (Wesleyan University radio station). The Wikipedia article mentions the phrase "postpunk pop avant-garde," which I remember using at the time (despite thinking it was a tad bit pretentious).
Quick tour through New Wave, grunge, and heavy metal.
Side trip to Joe Satriani, Ulli Jon Roth (guitarists), and the Scorpions (one of my favorite groups in the 70s, back when Ulli played with them, before they got popular).
New music genre term learned: "sleaze metal".

A bit of linkspam:
"Amnesia and the Self That Remains When Memory Is Lost" by Daniel Levitin
This article is interesting to me because my memory of my past seems to be more vague than that of many people I know. And because my mom had Alzheimers. She didn't have the kind of memory loss this article talks about, but there were some similar features.
"We were in Professor Pribram's class, and we worked in a lab together, Roger Shepard's lab."

"Roger Shepard. He had a music and perception lab."

"Wow. That sounds like it must have been interesting. What did I work on there?"
I had one or two conversations like that with my mom.

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