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Recycled linkspam

Recycled linkspam, via my OH:
(very long) Bruce Schneier talks about the difference between feeling secure and actual security, with digressions through innumeracy and irrational decision-making tendencies. I'm not sure I believe all of his theories, but I believe some of them.
(From July) Elaine Wherry, a founder of Meebo (now owned by Google), analyzes the behavior of high-tech recruiters, including that they try to poach people from the very companies who hire them to find new talent.
(From October) Some developers put themselves up for auction instead of relying on recruiters:
Transcript of PBS show. The limitations of fingerprint, bite mark, and blood-spatter analysis (sorry Dexter); the potentials of virtual autopsies and 3D recreations of crime scenes.
The banished words/phrases of 2012 include "yolo" (I've never heard it before), "bucket list" (I've heard that for years, why is it only banished now?), "superfood" (Yaaay!), and "spoiler alert" (hey! that's actually useful!)

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