Stef (firecat) wrote,

comfort (photo experiment)

Adapted from a post at [community profile] shutterspeed. If you like taking pictures in response to prompts and sharing them, go join that community! I would love to see more people there.

This week's prompt was "comfort."

Click through for larger photos.

I used Photoshop's "Poster Edges" filter for that one. It looks radically different in different sizes -- more and more unrealistic as it gets larger.

"Poster Edges" larger size

Original photo

In Photoshop's RAW file mode, changed original photo's white balance to "cloudy". I think the warmer tone suggests comfort more than the original photo.

In Photoshop's RAW file mode, changed the "clarity" settings on the above photo. Gives a slight glow and in larger sizes it has a soft graininess.

Used Photoshop's "clarity roughness" filter. Even more graininess.

Used Photoshop's "graphic pen" filter.

So yeah, I can use an $800 program to mimic what Instagram does automatically. :P

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